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Moonlight Art by Kaye Bel-CherI was born into a remote settlement of Kowai Bush in the Southern Alps of new Zealand. I spent difficult times to forty years of age, before I was drawn to the works of Carl Jung and his theory on the Collective Unconscious. I came to honour my creative life exploring themes on Alchemy, Archetypes, Astrology, Dreams, Mythology, Symbolism and the I Ching to name a few. I integrated these themes unconsciously into my artwork and in doing so became my own therapist. I see myself as a dream (body) and colour(therapist) using the medium (paint) as a transporter. I have always been drawn to the spiritual and mystical and with my new understanding in Jungian thought, I understood myself as a Shamanic Artist and channel for the ancient stories, resurrecting the lost Goddess in many cultures and merging this into my self taught artwork. This is a twenty year visual diary of my own personal journey into the deeper layers of the human psyche.Being an archaeological explorer of the inner life I hope to illuminate my own healing and share my visions.

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